Volunteer Application Form

We are looking for volunteers to assist us in various areas of event planning and management. From promoting the event on social media to coordinating on-stage performances. All ages and backgrounds are welcome!

We have two types of volunteering:

Pre-event (weekly)

  • Promotional staff – promoting the event on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the event website, designing posters/flyers/event guidebook, event scheduling;
  • Event office administration
  • Volunteer management – manage a team of volunteers, provide relevant training;
  • Stage management – coordinate stage performances, creating a stage schedule;
  • Photography/video-recording and editing – capture the event on digital media

Day event (Saturday, 8th December 2018)

No previous experience is necessary for any of the roles, however, we’d like to have people with a keen interest in promoting Japanese cultural experience.   A certificate of participation can also be issued to you after the event for your valued contribution.  You must be over 16 years old and are able to commit to participate minimum of 6 hours on the day.

Please note:
 You are also required to attend an event staff & volunteer briefing scheduled at 6pm on Tuesday, 4th December at JETRO Sydney if you wish to volunteer on the event date. 

Volunteer Application Form>>>> Click HERE