Volunteer Application Form

We are looking for volunteers to assist us in various areas of event planning and management. From promoting the event on social media to coordinating on-stage performances. All ages and backgrounds are welcome!

We have two types of volunteering:

Pre-event (weekly)

  • Promotional staff – promoting the event on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the event website, designing posters/flyers/event guidebook, event scheduling;
  • Event office administration
  • Volunteer management – manage a team of volunteers, provide relevant training;
  • Stage management – coordinate stage performances, creating a stage schedule;
  • Photography/video-recording and editing – capture the event on digital media

Day event (9th December 2017)

  • Workshop assistants – workshops will exhibit various Japanese traditional arts & crafts such as origami and calligraphy, creating a workshop schedule, coordinate workshops;
  • Event evaluation surveying – evaluate overall satisfaction of the event;
    Photography/video-recording and editing – capture the event on digital media

No previous experience is necessary for any of the roles. Anybody with a keen interest in Japanese culture, event management or those who would like to gain experience in any of the aforementioned roles are more than welcome to apply. A certificate of participation can also be issued to you after the event for your valued contribution.

Volunteer requirements:

  • Must be over 16 years old;
  • Dedicate a few hours per week

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